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Welcome to Inception-rs We hope your going to enjoy our server with your fullest extend possible. We strive to give you the best gameplay on a Runescape private server you have ever had. We will listen to our player's with their suggestions and we will implent it if its found usefull to benefit the server.

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Welcome Posted by Adodwerg Aug 19 2017

Today, Saturday the 19th of August, i Adodwerg have finally finished creating the homepage and forum's it will not take long for Inception-rs to be released to the public. We the staff team have been hyped for this for a few day and we ofcourse hope you guys and girls are aswell. We will continue on posting updates and such about our game or website on our forum. We hope you enjoy our website.

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Daily Updates Posted by Adodwerg Aug 19 2017

With care, Inception's development team is dedicated to provide daily updates. Patches and new content each day and in big batches. Please report any bugs here so the developers could add it to their list.

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